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About Us

Our Brand

At Mangoeswala, we believe that everyone should be able to savour authentic, sweet, and organic mangoes during the season. Saving you from the hassle of scouring multiple markets, we bring to your doorstep 100% natural, organically-ripened mangoes. We understand our customers’ health needs and are committed to providing farm-fresh, hygienic, carbide, and chemical-free mangoes. 

You can browse through for different mango varieties sourced from across India and bring home the mango goodness. We especially handpick every mango, organically ripen them, package it with care ensuring your safety by strictly following COVID protocol of sanitization and masks. We offer timely, contactless deliveries with our delivery personnel passing the safety standards.

Our Backstory

Our founders, Suruchi Seth and Ashraf Ali Khan, are ardent mango lovers. They, just like you, found the mango market widely lacking in good mangoes rich in texture, flavours and colours.

So, taking the matter into their own hands, they started Mangoeswala in 2019 after scouring various farms. In the beginning, mangoes were sold by taking orders on WhatsApp and Facebook. Seeing the overwhelming response of the community, started the website.

Our loyal customers vouch for our quality and have been repeat customers ever since their first order. Mangoeswala welcomes you to experience a sensory treat by ordering delicious mangoes from our website.

Our motto

Our mangoes are sourced from organic farms across the country helping farmers gain a good value for their produce. At the same time, by employing an in-house team, Mangoeswala eliminates the possibility of tampering with quality. 

So, all you need to do is savour a delicious variety of mangoes that are chemical-free and rich in flavour, texture, colours and is overall a sensory treat.


Mangoeswala was started in 2019 to cater to the large market of mango lovers. Promising a flavourful variety in mangoes delivered to your doorstep, Mangoeswala now has expanded its delivery from Bangalore to Chennai and Hyderabad as well. All online mango orders are delivered in a safe and hygienic way ensuring COVID-safety protocol by all our personnel. Mangoeswala currently delivers alphonso, Malgova, Mallika, Langra/Malda, Dasheri, Chaunsa, Baiganpally, Himayat, Imam pasand, Neelam and other varieties based on availability during the season.